If you have a dog and you like beer, chances are good that your dog is one of your drinking buddies.

Being a dog makes him the best kind of drinking buddy.

If you’re excited, he’s excited. If you take him to a party, you’re suddenly the most popular person there.

And if it’s a night when you have tears in your beer, well, the dog won’t judge you for that.

Dogs and beer actually have quite a lot in common.

Both have enhanced the human experience for thousands of years. They come in many different strengths and colors. And everybody has a favorite.

Beer Paws is dedicated to celebrating the relationship we beer drinkers have with our dogs.


Starting with bottle openers for collars and leashes, Beer Paws products are designed to make tossing one back in the company of Fido more fun than ever!

Click to shop now!

We plan on adding to the Beer Paws collection as often as possible. If there’s something you’d like to see, let us know in the contact form below.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I met the owner (or at least one of them) today at HomeGoods where I work part-time on the weekends. I love dogs (animals in general…Love Them) and of course great beer. What a great idea and business. Congratulations on your business. I know you will do well. Write back if you want. But wishing you much success.

    • Hi Joseph! It was me that you met. Thank you for following up and for the volunteering you do with animals. I hope to run into you next time I’m at HomeGoods. The dog biscuit jars I found that day are working out perfect!

      • Hi Crystal, Thank you for writing back. I am very glad to hear that those biscuit jars are working out for you. I work part-time at HomeGoods on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings as I have a regular full-time day job, but the extra $$$ helps out and HG is a fun place. Anyway, look me up next time that you are in if you think about it. Talk to you soon. Joseph

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